It’s all about Stretch Film Packaging Machines

Tentoma was founded in 2011 as Frank Bruhn ApS and originally performed service and maintenance in the vertical stretch hood industry. Today Tentoma offers a fully automatic packaging machine which can pack larger goods in a tightly sealed packaging protecting it from water and contamination. Since 2011 Tentoma has grown to be an international supplier of horizontal stretch film packaging solutions.

Protection icon

100% sealed against
- Storm
- Rain
- Dust

Quality icon

- Packaging quality
- Branding engagement
- Load stability
- Capacity
- Up-time

Sustainability icon

- Environmental impact
- Working environment
- Carbon footprint
- Green image

Reduce cost

- Operational costs
- Energy consumption
- Fire risk
- Film cost by 10 – 50%
- Film waste

A firm commitment
The Danish Growth Fund has joined Tentoma as a rock solid investor being a Danish State Investment Fund. This provides our current and new customers with a firm commitment for our solutions and services and allows continuing a sustainable international expansion.

Our purpose
Our purpose in Tentoma is to provide our customers in the manufacturing industry with horizontal stretch film packaging solutions in order for them to realize significant savings on e.g. energy and film consumption. We help them increase their packaging quality, and in the end, to become more profitable whether they implement our solution in their End-of-Line or Before-End-of-Line processes.

The best from the bests
We want to ensure that our customers get the best from the bests. We combine our core strengths in stretch film packaging and machine building with accredited partners. They have their core competences within electrical cabinets, steel parts, automation technology and conveyor systems.

Tentoma is ancient Greek for 'stretching'
Before we deliver a solution, we strive to understand our customers’ real packaging challenges in order to ensure, that we can fulfil our customers’ expectations. We stretch ourselves to meet these expectation. We are pleased to share with you a new generation of stretch packaging machines based on proven technology - we call our machines RoRo StretchPack.

 What is RoRo StretchPack?
How does Horizontal Stretch Packaging work? What specific energy- and film savings can be expected? How can the quality be increased and what about the internal and external environmental impacts? Get in contact with us and find out more.