XPS | EPS | PIR | PU – Packaging Machines

Packaging machines for structured insulation panels such as XPS, EPS, PIR and PU have for years been dominated by energy consuming heat shrink systems. This is changing now since new and energy friendly alternatives have proofed to be a strong alternative. There are convincing evidence that manufacturing companies are also eager to benefit from other …

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Geosynthetic Packaging Machine


Watch the full Geosynthetic Packaging Machine Video by Tentoma about: 4 Ways to reduce PE plast film consumption 100% sealing of roll materials Branding opportunities Ease of machine Operation & Maintenance The leading manufacturer of geosynthetics in Germany called NAUE GmbH & Co. KG has invested in an XL-S2 machine from Tentoma A/S. The purpose …

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Packaging Machinery for wood blocks, panels and furniture

Welcome to this blog about packaging machinery for wood blocks, panels, furniture, sofas, plaster boards and all larger products that need reliable packaging. The blog is accompanied by a series of Youtube videos.

Tentoma Horizontal Packaging Machine (2018)

Stretch Film Cost Savings Welcome to this Tentoma Horizontal Packaging Machine blog which is accompanied by a video called Tentoma Horizontal Packaging Machine (2018) found below in the image link. PE Stretch Film Cost Savings The stretch film packaging enables a process where packaging film savings can contribute to a very attractive ROI. Typically film …

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Press Release: Tentoma and new partner for horizontal packaging automation in Portugal

Tentoma and Sicorel join forces in Portugal and offer horizontal packaging automation. Horizontal packaging of goods can eliminate costly packaging process for production companies. Tentoma has developed a new technology called RoRo StretchPack or simply horizontal packaging. It can help companies protect their products from water, humidity and contamination during transport or storage. In addition, …

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Best in Class Horizontal Pallet Packaging!

Horizontal Pallet Packaging The packaging industry hasn’t shown major innovations in decades when it comes to resolving the problem of creating powerfull containment forces on products or loads on pallets. This post is about how horizontal pallet packaging can change this with an innovative approach. Learn in this post about how Tentoma got the challenge …

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Exciting Sawmill Packaging News on Puumessut 2017

See Sawmill Packaging on Exhibition Tentoma, a new strong player within sawmill packaging of wood and also building materials, insulation materials, geosynthetics, is presenting an exciting machine that can automate and offer clear benefits including removing ergonomic stress for employees. Watch the video and see the machine working already now before it is being shipped …

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Stronger player in the packaging industry

The company Frank Bruhn ApS (now Tentoma A/S), which has developed a unique wrapping solution for large goods, has recently raised money from The Danish Growth Fund. Simultaneously, the company is changing its name to Tentoma while getting ready for further international expansion.

Horizontal Stretch Packaging

How did the 25 years experienced specialist in stretch films create a game changer with Horizontal Stretch Packaging? An Interview about Horizontal Stretch Packaging with founder of Frank Bruhn ApS in Denmark. As of Sept 1st. the company name is Tentoma ApS (now Tentoma A/S). How did you start with Horizontal Stretch Packaging? Jensen: Hi …

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Automation in packaging – Geotextile and Geomembrane

Duplex stretch packaging machine

The geotextile industry sees innovative automation in packaging Automation in packaging in the geotextile and geomembrane industry is now seeing an innovative move by Frank Bruhn ApS. The proven horizontal stretch packaging technology – RoRo StretchPack – originates from decades of experience in the vertical stretch hood industry.  Frank Bruhn ApS is now introducing a rock solid …

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