Our requirements to a packaging solution where first and foremost full automation, maximum product protection including 100% water resistant packaging and finally a way for high branding engagement. We have achieved all of that with RoRo StretchPack.


H+H Deutschland GmbH

H+H Deutschland GmbHWe have found RoRo StretchPack to be an excellent and reliable fit in automating our packaging.
H+H Deutschland GmbH


Newell Brands

Newell BRANDSWe concentrated  the output of our two production lines into a common packaging area. After checking several systems, we found RoRo StretchPack was the best option for packing our products detecting different sizes automatically,  increasing packaging quality with a 100% protection against water and contaminating elements, and saving energy (not requiring an oven anymore).
Marcel Gras, Engineering & Maintenance Manager