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Sawmill packaging

Typical Sawmill Packaging Problems


At the Sawmill:

  • Man-power cost
  • Cost of packaging material
  • Not fit for outdoor storage (humidity/water/contamination/storm)
  • Capacity bottleneck 
  • Employee experience ergonomic stress
  • Recruitment difficulties

At the Sawmill Customer:

  • Packaging material tears during logistic (transport, loading/unloading, wholesale storage)
  • Wholesaler exposed to extra costs due to scrapped wood (e.g. because of blue stain fungi) (se 2 billeder vedhæftet e-mail)
  • Need for re-packaging at wholesaler in order to reduce scrap
  • Metal clamps can damage further processing machinery (se billede vedhæftet e-mail)
  • Packaging material waste handling

The Extensive Outdoor Wood Storage Test

Tentoma has in 2017 been carrying out an outdoor field storage test at Frøslev Træ A/S which is the largest Danish wholesaler of wood blocks imported from European sawmills. Frøslev Træ A/S has a clear interest in exploring how the imported classic sawn wood can maintain the highest possible value during long term storage just as any wholesaler is.

6 Sided Sealing Storage Test to be Repeated in 2018
The successful results of the 2017 test has been the foundation for a government funded development project together with the Market Development Fund (Danish Governmental Innovation foundation). The purpose is to identify the true potential for 6-sided-sealed packaging of classic sawn wood. As part of this project, the successful outdoor-field-storage test will now be repeated including advanced measurement equipment for documentation purposes during 2018.

Innovative Wood Packaging Test
It is an innovative test and Tentoma A/S, Frøslev Træ and the Market Development Fund will be happy to share the test results on a continuous basis through e.g. data-sheets/white papers, webinars as well as video documentary.

How to Gain Test Result Access?
In this first Webinar the first steps of the test will be described including how you can gain access to the test results.

The 2017 test result will also be addressed in the Webinar, please, find following conclusive quotes from Frøslev Træ A/S evaluating RoRo StretchPack 2017 test results with a 100% sealing.

After testing more than a year:

“All in all, we are amazed to see the results after more than one year. We have been sceptical about what happens when packaging a wood block 100%, but not anymore”
Quote Kim Jensen, Storage Manager, Frøslev Træ A/S, 2017

“All 3 wood blocks were significantly in better shape than the traditional packaging. The worst appearing package (holes in the bottom and sides) was not sellable, but the wood from the fully sealed package was sellable”
Quote Jørgen K. Johansen, Production Manger, Frøslev Træ A/S, 2017

More about the partners in the Extensive Outdoor Wood Storage Test

Frøslev Træ A/S

Frøslev Træ A/S today occupies approximately 100 employees and is considered to be among the largest manufacturer and wholesalers in the Danish wood industry.


The Market Development Fund helps enterprises bring their new products to the market faster.

The aim of the Market Development Fund is to promote growth, employment and export, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises in areas where Denmark has particular strengths and potential. The Fund has three primary focus areas:

  • Market development through co-funding for private enterprises’ innovative solutions
  • Market development through innovative public procurement
  • Market development through industry partnerships