Horizontal Packaging - The Heat Shrink Alternative

... also for large industrial products!


  • Tuesday, 17.09.2019, 10 - 11 AM
  • Thursday, 19.09.2019, 10 - 11 AM

Horizontal Packaging Machine from Tentoma (RoRo Duplex)

Horizontal Packaging machine

20-60 %

Savings in Packaging Film Consumption

10-50 %

Packaging Film Cost Savings


  • Learn how to reduce your total cost of ownership including up to 50% film material cost savings
  • Learn about a 100% automated packaging machine that can make your packaging waterproof and fit for purpose
  • Excellent packaging solution for transport and short or long-term storage situations
  • Learn how packaging outputs/hour can be increased compared to existing packaging solutions in the market

Engage with your customers through excellent packaging branding
Get a practical packaging assessment tool (e.g. for internal audits and easy packaging machine assessments)


Horizontal packaging machine enabling fit for purpose packaging

Manufacturers of up to 8 meter long industrial products dedicated to implementing the most optimal packaging technology will in this 30 minute WEBINAR learn about a solution that can replace packaging technologies which don’t offer water, dust or contamination proof packaging.

No software downloads are needed and the webinar takes place on a secure Citrix platform