• Wed, May 2, 2018, 10-11 AM CET
  • Thu, May 3, 2018, 14-15 PM CET

Typical Geotextile Packaging Problems

  • Labour intensive packaging (manual or semi-automatic)
  • High film consumption
  • Low reliability in the packaging process (need for re-packaging)
  • Output limitations (e.g. due to heat shrink system or manual packaging)
  • Not fit for outdoor storage (humidity/water/contamination enters rolls)
  • Film tears during handling (stock, transport, loading/unloading)

Your Key Take Aways

Learn about a 100% automated packaging machine that can make your packaging of rolls waterproof and fit for purpose during transport and short or long-term storage situations Learn how to reduce your total cost of ownership and potentially realize up to 50% film material cost savings Learn how packaging outputs/hour can be increased compared to existing packaging solutions in the market Engage with your customers through excellent packaging branding Get a practical packaging assessment tool (e.g. for internal audits).

Horizontal Stretch Packaging Machine Enabling Fit-for-Purpose Packaging

If you are assessing packaging saving potentials in packaging film or investigating the outcome of a fully automated packaging solution for geotextile rolls and similar, you will in this 30 minutes WEBINAR learn about a solution that can replace manual or semi-automatic packaging technologies and heat shrink process and thus potentially reduce material and energy cost dramatically and improve environmental footprint.

Why Join?

Are you assessing your packaging saving potentials in packaging film or investigating the outcome of a fully automated packaging solution? Looking to solve specific packaging problems or just curious to see what is possible within packaging of rolls today?

Join this 30 minutes WEBINAR

Learn about a packaging solution that can replace manual to semi-automatic packaging technologies or an energy consuming heat shrink process. You will see how you can reduce packaging material and energy costs dramatically and improve the environmental footprint. You cannot join on any of the 2 given dates? Just sign up in order to get access to a free recording of the Webinar afterwards. You are also welcome to drop an e-mail now to and you will get the recording.

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